Buy in Crete

Purchase procedure

Because we have the experience, we are familiar with the procedures and can advise you about the purchase process. Listed below are the steps in the process you can expect to take.

A local lawyer of your choice will deal with all necessary work regarding the purchase of your dream property. Non-EU citizens should apply to the Ministry of External Affairs to obtain prior authorisation.

The lawyer can be of help with this matter as well.

  • You will grant the lawyer Power of Attorney to act on your behalf.
  • Your lawyer will apply for your Greek tax number, which is needed in the further process.
  • The lawyer will open a joint bank account in his and your name.
  • Your lawyer will carry out a search at the land registry to ensure clear title and that the land is free of any debt/mortgages etc.
  • You will transfer funds to the Greek bank account.
  • The lawyer will pay all costs of the transfer on your behalf.
  • To secure a property, a 10% deposit on the purchase price is required on signing a pre-contract agreement.
  • Finally the lawyer will transfer the purchase price, minus the 10% deposit, to The Prince’s Villa Company.
  • You will be recorded in the official land registry in Greece as the new owner by the public notary.
All EU citizens who purchase property in Greece may qualify for a mortgage from a Greek bank.



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